Breathing wallpaper by Emma Hack

Artworks by Emma Hack using the wall and naked body as a canvas. The result, stunning breathing wallpaper.

About Emma Hack

Emma Hack, the artist who created these breathtaking images, is a hairdresser, make-up artist and stylist. She's been painting bodies for 20 years - using both people and animals in her art.

Hack said the hardest part is having the model seamlessly blend into the wallpaper. Though most take around nine hours, she's been known to spend 19 hours creating some of her 3D works of art.

The idea for her exhibit ',' in which these images appeared, came when she saw a series of wallpaper samples from the 1930's by the Australian designer Florence Broadhurst.

Hack got started as a face painter and make-up artist 18 years ago before she decided to take on the whole body.

The 35-year old Hack, who is self-taught, lives in Adelaide, Australia.

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